Fair use guidelines

LULUSIMONSTUDIO takes great care in the development and protection of its trademarks and reserves all rights of ownership of its trademarks. The use by a third party of one of LULUSIMONSTUDIO trademarks without express permission or license, is not permitted or legal.

To seek permission, please contact us.

General usage

Proper use of LULUSIMONSTUDIO trademarks reinforces their role as brands for our products, and helps prevent them from becoming generic names that can be used by anyone. By adhering to the following rules, you help protect LULUSIMONSTUDIO investment in its trademarks:

  • When LULUSIMONSTUDIO product is mentioned in communications, ownership by LULUSIMONSTUDIO must be attributed in a footnote either on the page/screen where LULUSIMONSTUDIO trademark is used, or in the legal section of the communication or site in which it is referenced.
  • The first reference in text to all LULUSIMONSTUDIO product names should be followed by the proper trademark symbol
  • The proper symbol for registered product names is ®.  Don’t use the registration symbol (®) in connection with marks in countries where our marks have not been registered. Trademark rights vary from country to country
  • The proper symbol for product names which are the subject of pending applications or are used in accordance with common law trademark principles is ™.
  • Do not create any new logo for LULUSIMONSTUDIO or LULUSIMONSTUDIO product names.
  • Do not incorporate any of LULUSIMONSTUDIO product names into your company's product names.
  • Do not incorporate any of LULUSIMONSTUDIO names into any internet root domains or subdomains owned by your company.
  • Do not connect your company name with LULUSIMONSTUDIO product names.
  • Alterations of the approved trademark are not allowed

Domain Names

Do not use ​​LULUSIMONSTUDIO trademarks or potentially confusing variations in your internet domain name. This helps prevent internet users from being confused as to whether you or LULUSIMONSTUDIO is the source of the Website.

List of trademarks

Below is a current listing of trademarks owned by LULUSIMONSTUDIO in the United States. Please note that laws concerning use and marking of trademarks or product names vary by country. Always consult a local attorney for additional guidance.

To the extent a name or logo does not appear on the list does not constitute a waiver of any and all intellectual property rights that LULUSIMONSTUDIO has established in any of its trademarks, logos, and copyrights. The below is not an exhaustive list of the marks, brands, logos, and designs that LULUSIMONSTUDIO has intellectual property rights in. Any mark, brand, logo, or design LULUSIMONSTUDIO uses is protected as its intellectual property, and it thus illegal to use without LULUSIMONSTUDIO’s express permission or license. 

Last updated: November 2023


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